A digital newspaper on a modern tablet computer held by a young woman, who is reading the day’s news. The photo was taken by looking over the model's shoulder. A bookshelf is visible in the background of the picture. The newspaper on the device screen was created by myself in Indesign, I own the copy right of the design and layout. The image of Frankfurt on the device is my own, I own the copy right. The text is all lorem ipsum except for the titles, which are generic and entirely fictional – these were written by myself.

据悉,贵阳市三名干部因三荔高速重大交通事故被组织处理。贵阳市云岩区委书记朱刚,云岩区委常委、区委统战部部长、区隔离转运工作专班组长宋成强,贵阳市公安局云岩分局党委副书记、政委肖凌云被停职检查。 有关负责人表示,在国家有关部门指导下,省、市正在对三荔高速重大交通事故进行深入调查,对相关责任人将坚决依法依规严肃追责问责,绝不姑息。有关调查处理结果将及时向社会公布。贵阳三名干部因三荔高速重大交通事故被组织处理 来源:贵州发布



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