A digital newspaper on a modern tablet computer held by a young woman, who is reading the day’s news. The photo was taken by looking over the model's shoulder. A bookshelf is visible in the background of the picture. The newspaper on the device screen was created by myself in Indesign, I own the copy right of the design and layout. The image of Frankfurt on the device is my own, I own the copy right. The text is all lorem ipsum except for the titles, which are generic and entirely fictional – these were written by myself.

张璐诗 Lucy Cheung

英伦街知巷闻的当红厨师Yotam Ottolenghi,在一份日报的周六烹饪特刊上,开始教大家用烤鸡剩下的隔夜肉和佐料去做鸡汤饺子。同一本杂志内另有标题为“别浪费了咖啡渣”的甜品菜谱、肉店老板教大家“怎么买肉性价比最高”的文章。历来以中产阶级为受众主力的这份日报尚且用上了如此笔法,这令人感到,普罗大众在英国这一波已确凿发生的经济危机之中,无疑已进入“防守”状态。



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