A digital newspaper on a modern tablet computer held by a young woman, who is reading the day’s news. The photo was taken by looking over the model's shoulder. A bookshelf is visible in the background of the picture. The newspaper on the device screen was created by myself in Indesign, I own the copy right of the design and layout. The image of Frankfurt on the device is my own, I own the copy right. The text is all lorem ipsum except for the titles, which are generic and entirely fictional – these were written by myself.

前沿生物:在研抗新冠病毒药物雾化吸入用FB2001,拟用于治疗轻型、普通型新型冠状病毒(SARS CoV-2)感染患者的Ⅱ/Ⅲ临床试验方案,获得国家药品监督管理局药品审评中心同意。


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